A bill that could kill Keno games in bars and restaurants!

A bill that could kill Keno games in bars and restaurants! When it comes to the betting industry, everyone wants a slice of the revenues. Especially when it comes to Keno games in restaurants and bars, since they’re so popular. Don’t we all love to pick a few numbers at half-time while waiting for our wings? Isn’t it even more fun when everyone at the table chooses a number? Well sadly, know that things could quickly change, and the half-time fun could soon be over! Indeed, 2 NJ lawmakers want to legislate the frequency of Keno draws. They’re proposing that draws should occur only twice daily instead of every 5 minutes as its currently the case. The lawmakers are also suggesting that only land-based casino could have more draws.

The restaurants fear the decline in revenues!

In case you didn’t know a good amount of money is generated by Keno games in restaurants and bars. In fact, the Press of AC reported that Keno games produced $5 million its first five months. But keep in mind that for the restaurateurs the increase in revenues is not only noticeable on the game itself. But also on the rise in food sales and beverages. Many small business owners fear that decreasing the numbers of daily draws would also decrease their window of opportunity for quick
sales. Bars and restaurant owners are claiming that if a client plays Keno, it doesn’t mean that he’s choosing a restaurant over a land-based casino. Some even suggested that the regulators are overstepping and that this new legislation could kill the game.A bill that could kill Keno games in bars and restaurants!

In reaction to the media buzz, a co-sponsor of the bill reacted.

Indeed just a few weeks after the new surfaced Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, commented to the press. “It’s a sensitive issue we’re talking about market share in gaming. And, anytime there’s a new game it could take market share away from an existing casino we’ll have this issue.” Currently, the bill is being reviewed, and we don’t know yet if the Senate will approve it. So, we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything new on this front.