Atlantic City’s Favorite Haunts

This seaside resort has been a vibrant destination since the 1900s. Yet since the recent financial crisis, some locals claim that ghosts have taken over some of the abandoned buildings. So, if you like horror stories and if the ghost in video slots are not enough for you, here are a few places you might want to visit.

A shipwreck to remember

Perhaps the spookiest building around Atlantic City is the historic Absecon Lighthouse. It opened in the mid-1800s, following the wreck of the Powhattan. It’s worth knowing that 311 passengers and crew died in this shipwreck. The lighthouse is no longer active, though the ghost stories continue, along with the sounds of footsteps up the stairs at night. A former lighthouse keeper, for example, saw the Jersey Devil at the top of the tower one night. The ghost of a sailor smoking a pipe was also there, gazing out to sea.

Apparently, the bodies of the victims of the devastating Powhattan shipwreck were at The Surf City Hotel in the days following the tragedy. The restless souls who lost their lives continue to haunt the hotel because the owner at the time robbed valuables from the corpses as they lay in rest. Be careful whom you steal from!

Where ghosts spend the night

Ocean City Mansion

The Ocean City Mansion is supposedly one of the most haunted B&Bs in New Jersey. Indeed, it has sinister voices and footsteps and all. In fact, guests staying in the Honeymoon Suite have often seen items moving around by themselves.hard rock casino

Terrifying ladies

The Flanders Hotel, charmingly referred to as the Jewel of the Southern Jersey Shore, has its own special resident. Emily, or the “white lady,” spends many nights gliding through the hotel’s Hall of Mirrors. At The Southern Mansion, Esther patrols the halls with a menacing tone. An Irish girl named Bridgette steals the show at Windward House. In fact, Bridgette was “caught” stealing some of the guests’ jewelry, usually from the Wicker Room on the third floor.

The spirit of a young girl called Elizabeth lives at the Washington Inn. She’s been in photographs and often calls out the names of the people working at the bar.

Mysteries at the new Hard Rock

Some spirits infamously haunt the former Trump Taj Mahal and new Hard Rock hotel. One is that of a man who jumped to his demise from the building’s tenth floor. Will you be brave enough to enter the venue once it’s open?