Four news to keep an eye on in the New Year

Four news to keep an eye on in the New Year. There’s no doubt that 2017 was a year filled with success for the online gaming industry. So what’ does 2018 has in store for NJ gaming? Let’s look at 4 possible news.

The first big headline to watch for is the legalization of Sportsbook.

If you’re an avid news reader you already know that the MGM is getting ready to open a $7 million sports bar in AC. But also that the rumors are that the Senate will approve Sportsbetting in the garden state in the first quarter of the year. If all goes well, NJ players could soon bet on the outcome of NHL games in the New Year. Perhaps just in time for the Stanley Cup! Who knows?Four news to keep an eye on in the New Year

The second headline to look for is the growth of NJ gambling sites!

Yes, we all know that NJ gambling reported significant profits this year. But also that it increased by over 30% since 2016. Experts say that the industry is likely to reach a plateau. However, since the law has many changes that are coming, we could see even bigger revenues generated by the online gaming industry. We think that the revenues are likely to increase once Sportsbook is legal but also once NJ starts pooling with other states to distribute poker.

The third headline is Online Poker!

We all know that NJ approved a bill to legalized interstate poker with Delaware and Nevada. However, even if the bill was passed very few websites offer this facility at the moment. We think that this is likely to change in the coming year and that poker players will have access to even larger prize pool in a short while. Currently, we’re only waiting for the technology to catch up with the law to break the news.

The fourth headline to keep an eye on is the reopening of the Hard Rock and TEN hotel.

We all know that the Hard Rock purchased the Trump Taj Mahal. Rumor has that the work has already started. We also know that the TEN has been in discussion with Reveal according to the AC press. However, the owner of the Reveal has denied having sold it. Of course, we’re really looking forward to the next development on these 2 fronts and we cannot wait to evaluate their online casino should they launch one. So make sure to bookmark this site to always know the latest news and know that they offer to players once their online casinos go live!