How casinos are taking more responsibility with gambling problem

How casinos are taking more responsibility with gambling problem. Just a few weeks after the G2E 2017 summit. Experts are expressing their satisfaction on responsible gaming. However, they admit that they’re still a long way to go. Keith Whyte, Director at the National Council on Problem Gambling, said. “ The change has been revolutionary! But, we can devise some voluntary national standards. We can achieve this by bringing all these stakeholders together. Then by encouraging all these same groups to use these standards. Gaming has such a long history, and responsible gaming doesn’t. So we need to adapt.”

In the past, it is true that casinos have seen problem gambling in a different light. But, the National Council on Problem Gambling managed to bring to light the issue. And many operators are taking actions.How casinos are taking more responsibility with gambling problem

The main problem is that plays can’t exclude themselves nationally

Whilst most online casinos enable players to control their casino session on several factors. But also only allow resident to gamble. It was the land-based casinos and state lotteries that were closely examined by Whyte. Whyte explained: “In Massachusetts, you can exclude yourself from DFS. It’s done by going through the Attorney General. But also from the casinos by going through the Gaming Commission. Yet you can’t exclude yourself from the lottery or tracks”. Additionally, he also pointed out that a problem gambler could travel in many states in one day. And take part in several different types of gambling. But also, that it’s these extreme cases that would need help, that simply don’t get the attention they deserve.

Online casino help problems gamblers to restrict their session.

Slots can be addictive for some people by nature. For this reasons, online casinos have developed responsible gambling features. These features enable players to control their session. Indeed, players can activate alerts on lost, length, deposit, etc… It’s also good to know that all 100% legal NJ casinos need to display the number 1-800-GAMBLER on their site. So in doubt, seek help!