New Jersey legislature tries to get racetrack legalized

New Jersey legislature tries to get racetrack legalized. Who knew that northern New Jersey is on the verge of getting House Racing legalized? You’re probably aware that the gaming law forbids casinos to operate outside AC. But, things could soon change thanks to a bill submitted last year. Indeed, a news site reported that the Senate passed a bill that would allow racetracks to offer internet gambling in NJ.

It seems that the lawmakers found a loophole that would not need a referendum. Should the law change, racetracks could partner with online casinos to offer gambling. Which means that it would exempt racetracks from the statewide ban on internet cafés. But also that it would give jurisdiction to the Division of Gaming Enforcement. The new law is only possible because internet gambling is already legal in the garden state. So, the bill infers that a legislative workaround would not need the voters’ approval.New Jersey legislature tries to get racetrack legalized

Let’s summarize the bill so that everyone understands it!

To summarize, this bill will permit a running or harness horse racetrack in NJ. But also that race track could partner with casinos located in Atlantic City. The partnership could be on an affiliate bases. But nonetheless, it means that racetrack’s premises could allow account patron to place wagers at casinos using the Internet. The 2 companies that stand a better chance to profit from this bill are Meadowlands Racetrack and Monmouth Park. If you remember these companies have already submitted a proposal to offer internet gambling. However, it was quickly rejected by the voters back in 2016.

But, let’s be clear on one thing!

This does not mean that Northern New Jersey would host land-based casinos. But it could mean that they’re getting the next best thing. Until its made official, we’ll just have to wait and see. But one thing is certain this is a top story to keep an eye on in 2018. Since the law could quickly change. Of course, we’ll make sure to inform our readers of any development on this front. So stay tuned!