Party Casino reveal new look!

On March 15th, Party Casino announced a fresh new look! Indeed, it seems the Poker giant decided to re-focus its activity in NJ and developed a brand new casino lobby! Our experts have reviewed it and here’s what they thought.

The registration process updated!

First of all, know that even if Party Casino got a face-lift, its URL hasn’t changed! But one of the key update made to the site is the registration process. Indeed, it now contains four short steps which is an improvement over their previous long sign-up form. Additionally, know that the new sign-up pages are optimized for all devices. And according to our experts, they offers flawless navigation when tested.Party Casino

Their promotion pages are clearer!

Even if Party Casino has not updated its welcome bonus and still offer 100% up to $500 to new depositors. Know that the layout of the promotion pages has changed! In fact, the new welcome bonus page is a lot clearer when informing account patrons. In short, know that every promotion, including the welcome bonus page, comes with four sections. What are Bonuses? What are Free Spins? Why Choose Us? And Terms and conditions.

According to our experts, the new layout is better at informing patrons of their rights and obligations. But, also it offers a one-click solution to pretty much any question you may have.

Better banner space!

It’s now easier than ever to see why you should sign-up to Party Casino! Indeed, with their new design Party Casino gives more real estate to the lobby banners. And what’s more, you can flick through them to know what’s happening at the moment in the lobby. We also anticipate that Party Casino will use this space to promote new games!

The loyalty page improved!

On the whole, the new loyalty page is a lot better than the old one. In fact, it highlights the benefits of each VIP level and gives an estimate of value back for each status. It also has a good description of game genre and the expected bonus & points for each type of games.

Head over to Party Casino today and witness the changes for yourself. We really liked their new lobby and chances are you’ll love it too. In our opinion, it offers one of the best gaming experience in online casinos NJ plus it has an excellent game selection!