3 Atlantic city Casinos Could reopen In 2018

We’ve all read the headlines and honestly many people are looking forward to the re-opening of the ex Revel and Trump Taj Mahal. It’s true that these casinos will generate a lot more tourism in the region. But a lot more jobs too! In fact, if you’ve read our previous news you already know that the Hard Rock and the Ocean Resort are heavily recruiting in anticipation of their summer 2018 opening. But according to our sources, it seems that another casino could open really soon! Indeed, late February the Press of AC confirmed that the ShowBoat is maybe in the process of getting a casino license. Which means that it would be the 3rd casino to re-open in 2018.ocean resort casino

What makes us believe that the ShowBoat could open a casino?

First and foremost, The Press of AC recently reported that Bart Blatstein current owner of the ShowBoat applied for a statement of compliance at the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. This occurred only a couple of weeks ago. When asked to comment Blatstein said. “It’s just a matter of wanting to keep our options open for the property.“

But is it really just a matter of keeping the option open?

We honestly think that Blatstein is playing it cool. Indeed, it seems that the businessman has evaluated all possibilities already. Especially since he did not appear concern about the 10 years non-gambling deed restriction applied by Caesar 2 years ago when he bought the property. As you know, the ShowBoat is now running as a non-gambling hotel. But if we believe the rumors things could soon change. Especially since Blatstein seems to have large plans for the hotel. Indeed the businessman has bought several parcels of land around it too.

So will it or won’t it be a new casino?

Well, your guess is as good as ours. But for sure all signs point to that. Perhaps, Blatstein will wait and see the impact the Hard Rock and the Ocean resort have in the region before announcing his master plan! So let’s see what the future holds for the ShowBoat!