What’s March 2019 going to look like if Sports Betting is legal in NJ?

What’s March 2019 going to look like if Sports Betting is legal in NJ? We’ve all heard the rumors about the up-coming Sports Book legislation in NJ. In fact, many online casinos are currently preparing for a massive shift in the law. As you know, the supreme court will deliver its verdict on the Christie vs. NCAA case within a couple of months. But until now, even if all signs point to a favorable judgment, all the projects are on hold.

What’s March 2019 going to look like if Sports Betting is legal in NJ?

The waiting period is intense, and it gave us time to think about the future… Especially as we’re entering one of the busiest time of the year when it comes to sports! What will New Jersey look like in 2019 if Sports betting is legal?

Let’s see who’s announced a Sports Book project!

Borgata and MGM

By and large, one of the most interesting and confirmed projects is the Borgata and MGM one. Indeed if you remember both companies announced they’ve team up for the construction of a $7 million Sports Book project in AC. For now, it seems they’re just waiting on the supreme court to start.

Ocean Resort Casino

Even if the ink isn’t dry on the sales contract of the former REVEL, the new owner of the building said he wants his book to be the “best in the market.” So, the chances are, you’ll visit the Ocean Resort at this time next year to bet on the Devils to win the Stanley Cup! Or perhaps you’ll load their APP to place your bets since the pending legislation also includes mobile Sports Book.

Monmouth Park and William Hill Sports Bar

For now, it’s just a bar downtown. But given its name its evident that its owners are itching to open their betting windows. In fact, Dennis Drazin CEO of the property once said that his bar could accept the punter’s bets within weeks of a favorable court ruling. So, if all goes well, you could watch the March opening of the 2019 baseball season there. And who knows you may want to spice things up with a side bet?Golden Nugget Casino

To conclude

Like, everyone, we’re eager to publish the news that Sports Book is legal in NJ so that everyone can have fun online. But in the meantime know that if you’re looking for entertainment, the Golden Nugget casino and MoheganSun have a couple of virtual sports game. So you can still have fun betting online on virtual sports! Head over there to check out their casino lobby!