IGT appoints Christopher Spears as Senior Vice President

On 23rd October, IGT announced a new leader! Indeed, the world renown Christopher Spears is joining the rank of the company. As you already know, the current senior VP is retiring in December 2017.

Christopher Spears an impressive cv and is a great choice for the company!

Christopher Spears is not from the gaming industry. But the senior executive has an impressive CV. We’re certain he’ll excel in his role with the leading developer. Spears held the following jobs in the past.

  • Group General Counsel for Caterpillar Inc. Catapilar is a world leader of construction and mining equipment.
  • He also held the role of Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer in a Singapore based company.
  • Additionally, he was once an Associate Attorney for Greenebaum & McDonald PLLC.

Spears has a degree in administration from Berea College. But also, he has an MBA from the University of Kentucky. He’ll report to Alberto Fornaro. Fornaro is the Executive VP and CFO of IGT.IGT appoints Christopher Spears as Senior Vice President

Following the news, Fornaro said: “As IGT faces significant opportunities in our evolving industry. Spears’ skills with international companies will foster strong partnerships with IGT. Plus he’ll ensure that we’re meeting our growth objectives”.

The press release made no mention on where Spears will sit. As you’re aware the company has offices around the world. But given that the headquarter of the company is in Nevada, it is likely that he’ll sit in the gambling capital.

Given his work experience, we’re certain he’ll adapt to the industry.

For now, join us in wishing Spears the very best success in his new role.

Of course, we’re looking forward to hearing more about his new mandate. We’d like to thank Neil Abrams, for his contribution to the industry. But also, wish him the very best of luck as he enters a new chapter of his life.