Per Eriksson is to step down as President and CEO of NetEnt

Per Eriksson is to step down as President and CEO of NetEnt. On March 25th NetEnt announced an important structural change on its website. Indeed, according to the press release, Therese Hillman is to replace Per Eriksson as CEO. The news was later followed by a statement from Vigo Carlund Chairman of the Board. Carlund explained the reasoning behind this sudden change.

“NetEnt has developed well over many years. They are several parts of the business that are still developing well, for example, regulated markets. However, the overall performance of the Group has not been as it should. Hens, the Board believes that NetEnt needs a new driving force to reverse the trend…”Per Eriksson is to step down as President and CEO of NetEnt

More on Per Eriksson

March 1st marked Eriksson’s 6th year of employment for NetEnt. It’s worth knowing that Eriksson background is also in Technology having left his head of Dell EMC job in 2012 to join the group. During his career, NetEnt released several hit games like Jimi Hendrix and Divine Fortune. They’ve also released a new Live casino product. Additionally, it’s worth knowing that Eriksson was a driving force when it comes to leading NetEnt Virtual Reality development.

More on Therese Hillman

Therese Hillman is a veteran of the online gaming industry. She started her career at NetEnt in 2016 as CFO. It’s also worth knowing that Hillman once was a board member for Unibet (a leading operator in Europe). Plus she headed up the company Gymgrossisten as CEO for five years. Currently, Hillman will assume the CEO and CFO position. That is until NetEnt finds a suitable replacement for Eriksson.

To conclude

Its worth knowing that these changes are likely to have little to no impact on any upcoming releases. So for you as a player, chances are you won’t feel this drastic structural changes at all. Anyway, we thought you’d like a quick update on who’s at the head of the company that creates your favorite games. Plus, if you’re on the hunt for a CEO job, know that the sunny island of Malta and one of the best game developer in the world is recruiting!