Hard Rock commits on bringing more live music to Atlantic City!

Hard Rock commits on bringing more live music to Atlantic City! Atlantic City could soon boom with concerts if we believe the rumors! Indeed, Hard Rock has just revealed its first-year plan to capitalize on its new casino venue. We’re delighted to report that the marketing plan includes a lot of live music. In fact, the Hard Rock committed to over 200 nights of live music of all types and genre in their new venue. According to the gossip, Jim Allen, Chairman for Hard Rock International, said that the casino will have more live music and events than the Boardwalk has seen for many years. In a statement, Allen commented. “When’s the last time someone has done 200 shows in AC? When’s the last time you saw entertainment on a night other than Saturday? We’re going to change things that’s for sure!”Hard Rock commits on bringing more live music to Atlantic City!

Hard Rock revamping their arena

Moments after Allen’s statement at the New Shiloh Baptist Church and Community. The associated press of The Washington Post newspaper confirmed that the Hard Rock is adding 1,800 seats to its Arena. Indeed, according to the press, the Mark G Etess Arena will soon accommodate up to 7,000 spectators. Also, its worth knowing that the Hard Rock is currently ahead of the summer 2018 opening schedule. Which means that perhaps the coming summer could bring back the previous Glam Atlantic City much needs.

Why is live music so important to AC?

Well, it goes without saying that bringing back A-listers could definitely see the hotels and the casino lodge many fans. In fact, some think that live music is just what the city needs. Rummy Pandit, Executive Director of the Levenson Institute of Gaming seem to think that hospitality and live events go hand in hand as he mentioned to the press. “Turning a two-night weekend stay into a long weekend can make a huge difference for AC’s lodging, food, beverage, retail, gaming, and tourism businesses.” If you’re like us, we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more about Hard Rock’s line up! And we’ll make sure to give you more information on this subject when the agenda for 2018 is public.