Happy birthday online gambling New Jersey!

Happy birthday online gambling New Jersey! Join us in celebrating New Jersey online gambling 4th anniversary! That’s right, this November marks the 4th successful year of online gambling in New Jersey. Since it became legal, we all know that New Jersey finances have greatly improved. And guess what? 2017 is set to break earning records. Way to go NJ!

Let’s look at the figures!

Recently the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement published a report. Indeed, experts believe that 2017 earnings will break the ¼ of a billion mark in revenue. Of course, this has a lot to do with October’s strong performances. We’ll all remember that for the 8th consecutive month the revenue exceeded $20 million. Consequently, the state of New Jersey received $3.6 million in tax last month.Happy birthday online gambling New Jersey!

The report published last Wednesday also stated that since its legalization online gaming generated $682.6 million in gross revenue. Of this, the garden state received $119.4 million in tax.

Following the news, Steve Ruddock analyst at Playnj commented “ The strong month brought the 2017 gross revenue total up to $204.2 million. It not only surpassed last year’s record of $196.7 million but also it marked the first time the New Jersey online gambling market crossed $200 million. “

Even more tax money coming to New Jersey.

According to Ruddock, the online gambling performances have yet peaked. Indeed, Ruddock believes that the rising tide of the movement will positively affect every state. We’ll all remember that just a few weeks ago Pennsylvania legalized online gambling. Which means that over 26 million US residents will have access to online casinos.

We, of course, anticipate that the players trust in online gambling will rise. We Also think that online casinos will offer more games and payment methods very soon. But more importantly, we’re certain that online casinos will make even more big winners!