Which Atlantic City casino profit the most from online gaming?

Which Atlantic City casino profit the most from online gaming? On October 18, 2017, a breakdown of casino revenues surfaced on a well-known website. As always we’re happy to report that our favorite casino partners are in the race. Their user-friendly websites and fantastic games certainly have a lot to do with it. But the pack leaders are Borgata and Golden Nugget.Which Atlantic City casino profit the most from online gaming?

As you know, the gaming industry plays a major part in the City’s rejuvenation. Perhaps, the game availability has a lot to do with it. Indeed, more game providers are creating games for both desktop and mobile devices. As we’ve seen in Europe the game accessibility plays a major part in a casino’s revenues.

It’s worth knowing that, even if the industry is young, the revenues are up by 27.1%. Additionally, September marked the 8th consecutive month of revenues of over $20 million.

Sure, the online revenues are up, but the land-based casinos benefit too. The report showed that the land-based casino’s revenues have increased by 7.6% this year. We think the increase has a lot to do with the loyalty programs casino offer.

Great revenues are good for the casinos, but what does it mean for the players?

Like most businesses, the casino industry is a competitive one. It thrives on its customer and the goal of casinos is to keep their players happy! Frequently, when a market is booming we see the competition increase. Nonetheless, as in all competitive markets, the end user always benefit. We think that players will have access to more offers. Perhaps we’ll soon see “gamified” casinos in New Jersey. We hope that marketers will create built-in loyalty programs.

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